These comments come from learners and clients in a wide range of businesses: health care, sales, government, accounting, engineering, financial services, and more.

  • Wow - Since taking your class, the responses to my email are much more prompt and helpful. I even got a response from my manager, who is notorious for ignoring email!

Applause for Class and Instructor

  • Loved the customizing with our own writing samples! This made our discussions more useful and interesting than if the materials had been generic.

  • The course should be compulsory for all tax professionals. Writing is a skill that needs constant training.

  • Stephanie made the subject matter interesting and added enough humor to keep things moving.

  • Excellent presentation, interactive. I never thought a writing class could be enjoyable!

  • Every investment professional or employee with client interaction should take this class.

  • We have had great success with Stephanie and her class. She is skilled and a delight to work with. It is always one of the most popular classes and it always receives positive feedback from participants - particularly on value for immediate application. I highly recommend her.

  • Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly!

  • I liked the effort Stephanie put into customizing the class with examples of our own documents. It made me more attentive.

  • My revision was great only because you are a great coach! You provided exactly what needed - simple rules to follow.

  • We all really enjoyed your class and learned a lot. Karen rewrote a letter to raise funds for a scholarship and totally changed it to follow your guidelines. It is actually making a tremendous difference in the money being donated!

The Most Important Thing I Learned

  • Think before writing!

  • Make email and letters top-heavy; sound reader-friendly; use the three start-up questions.

  • Many, many things! I especially liked learning how to catch clichés and passive sentence structure (60-second editing tip).

  • I'm so happy to know how to structure letters to engage readers.

  • I have learned so much, most importantly to put the main focus first.

  • Three easy steps to make my writing make more sense. Great class!

  • New perspectives on business writing, how it should be different from academic writing or personal writing.

  • Use a precise subject line!

  • I'm really excited about the readability tool she showed us how to use in Word. This will help me at work and at home.

  • Try to use active voice more often.

  • I'll use the customer-friendly tactics to give better customer service.

  • I now know how important it is to summarize at the beginning.

  • The three start-up questions: they will help me quit procrastinating when responding to incoming email.

  • How to improve my customer's perception with top-heavy organization and reader-friendly words.

  • My feasibility reports just got a face lift, thanks to the start-up questions!

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