Corporate Onsite Business Writing Classes

For each class below, Eubanks will custom design your training materials from your own business documents. This real-world approach brings your daily business right into the classroom. And it helps your writing class respond to your company's communication topics and needs.

Write for Success with Email, Letters, & Reports

Proofing and Editing for the 21st Century

Write for Success with Email, Letters, & Reports
A half-day or full-day onsite class onsite or online

Class can also focus on email only or letters only

  • Do you stare at the screen trying to decide where to cut and paste?
  • Does it take you too long to write a good email, letter, or memo?
  • Do you get responses indicating your reader didn't quite understand?

    If you answered "yes" to these questions, Write for Success is the business writing class for you. It's a reader-centered class that revolutionizes the old "draft, edit, and polish" approach to business writing. Write it fast and right the first time is Eubanks' motto.

    The result? Clear, to-the-point, customer-friendly documents that . . .
  • Take less time to write
  • Get fast, pleasant response
  • Improve customer service

    Learners will be able to . . .
  • Think strategically to clarify purpose and the reader's needs
  • Make sure the reader gets the point as quickly as modern technology sends email
  • Write quickly, using the easy 3-step Start-Up Questions©
  • Build in customer service and motivators from the get-go
  • Write subject lines that move the reader's mouse
  • Break old habits in grammar and punctuation
  • Avoid worn-out clichés
  • Use advanced brainstorming for long, complex, or sensitive topics
  • Control and measure readability levels, including sentence length, word length,
    and active/passive voice

    Proofing & Grammar for the 21st Century
    A half-day class in proofing and editing

    This hands-on class helps learners make everything they proof or edit sound credible and professional. Easy tips, job aids, and training games show learners how to identify and correct errors with confidence and clarity.

    Results: Learners will be able to . . .
  • Catch more errors more often
  • Remember the basic rules of punctuation and grammar
  • Gain credibility with peers and management

    Learning topics
  • Self-assessment
  • 4 goof-proof editing techniques
  • Top 10 Tips for punctuation
  • The 7 deadly sins of grammar
  • Capitalization and its rampant abuse
  • Compound words and how to keep track of them
  • Commonly confused and abused words
  • Writing with numbers
  • Consistency among bullet statements
  • 3 most common wordy phrases to avoid
  • $20-words vs. $5-words

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