Real-World Customizing

Real-world customizing brings your daily business right into the classroom
Eubanks' custom-designed training materials apply to the business you conduct
every day. To achieve this real-world approach, Eubanks creates all your materials
from your own business documents to meet your specific writing needs.

Added value: Free 1-on-1 coaching
Participants send Stephanie writing samples before the class for use in the
customizing process. During class, Stephanie returns their documents, complete
with praise and suggestions for improvement.

No extra cost!
The good news is that this extensive customizing costs no more than an
off-the-shelf class!

Easy customizing process
1. Several weeks before the class date, you provide on-the-job writing samples for
Stephanie to evaluate. There are two ways to do this: a) The client contact gathers
samples of company email, letters, and short reports, or b) The participants email
their own samples straight to Stephanie.

2. Stephanie analyzes the submitted writing samples and uses them to create
customer-specific training materials.

Your writing class is unique to your company's topics and needs. The training
materials contain models of "before" and "after" samples of your organization's
real-world writing samples. And the discussions about writing skills reflect what's
best for your daily business.

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