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How to Get Fast RESULTS from your Email

    Business Email Writing Course
    Train your employees for success with Stephanie’s series of


    • Available as separate classes
    • Also available as a Your Company Writer’s Certification Program
    • Focused on email or on your choice of document type
    • Customized with your company’s own email, letters, or other documents


    Get Fast Response to Your Email

    In this engaging, absolutely not boring class, your employees can learn fast, easy ways to control the content, format, and tone of their email.
    Why? To get exactly what they want and need from their on-the-job writing. On time. And cooperatively.
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    Write Plain & Stop the Pain

    Short sentences? Short words? Active voice? Bullets? Tables? Personal pronouns? Contractions?
    This isn’t the style your employees learned in school. But it’s perfect for writing to their busy online readers.

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    Proofing & Grammar for the 21st Century

    Help your employees catch common mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. Fast-paced, competitive exercises (with prizes!) help them review the old rules. And they’ll also get updates on recent changes in the rules.

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    Write to Persuade

    After the three previous classes, your employees’ explanations and instructions should sound nice and clear. Now’s the time to make sure they’re equally adept at getting readers’ buy-in to that info. A benefit-driven, conversational writing style can help. It’s a great way to persuade most readers to happily respond to a request – or to respect an unwelcome decision.

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    Sally helps Bob get Fast Response to his email

    Self-paced Web Course Business Email WritingA self-paced, cartoon-style version of the instructor-led class
    Bob resists changing his ineffective email style. But sassy Sally converts him to a style that helps him get fast results, after all.
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    I’ve had the pleasure of hiring Stephanie to work with my clients. This might be hard to imagine, but she makes business writing classes fun! I’ve been able to sit in on many of the sessions over the years and I get a new writing tip each time. 
        — Dana B., Business Owner

    I wanted to share the great feedback I received from our Senior VP and my manager. I updated and submitted our “Welcome Email” for their review. They loved it! Thank you for making me a “better” employee!
        — Terry L, Administrative Assistant

    I appreciated the customizing with our own writing samples. This made our discussions more useful and interesting than if the materials had been generic.
        — Don J, Tax Associate