Write for Success – Write to Persuade


Write for Success…
by sounding persuasive and real

Readers are happy to respond to clear benefits and a natural-sounding, likable tone.

In Write to Persuade, your employees can learn to write persuasive email in two important ways:

Include WIIFR to sell benefits

What’s In It For the Reader

Let’s face it. Most writers think a benefit speaks for itself. After all, doesn’t “our new user-friendly bank statement” sound like a great service?

But the average reader is going to think, “Oh yeah?? Prove it!” The writer needs to explain that the slightly bigger font size means less eye strain. AND a better chance of spotting fraud in the bank statement. That’s WIFFR!

So first, your employees will learn to explain how their services, requests, and main points can improve their readers’ lives.

Sound likable and easy to work with

Keep It Real

To sound persuasive, your employees don’t have to sound like marketing professionals. They do, though, have to sound like real people. Real people who are likable and easy to work with.


So second, your employees will learn to use persuasive writing techniques like:

Choosing words that show possibilities

to sound positive

Avoiding out-of-date phrases like “please do ..x..”

to sound less bossy

Using “you” and “your” more often

to sound conversational instead of lecturing

Ignoring spell check’s ridiculous advice to avoid contractions

to sound natural

Using sentence fragments intentionally

to imitate the way we talk

Choosing everyday words instead of corporate clichés

to sound genuine

Each learner gets:

  • A printable job aid – to use during class and for reinforcement after class
  • PDF copies of “before & after” emails used during training – for more reinforcement
  • My feedback on a post-class email or other document – for that final learning experience


Karen rewrote a fund-raising letter and totally changed it to follow your guidelines. It is actually making a tremendous difference in the money being donated!
— Ray W
Business Owner

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