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Business Email Writing Course

Get Fast Response to Your Email
… the cartoon-style, self-paced version

3 reasons for choosing the cartoon-style version of Get Fast Response to Your Email

It’s entertaining

Everyone wins big when your learners enjoy a self-paced class. So with this class, they’ll get an engaging story. It’s interactive, and it’s definitely a bit of fun.

Your learners will nod their heads “yes” when Bob doesn’t want to put his request or main point at the beginning of his email. (He’s wrong, of course.)

And they’ll laugh when Sally sends her new vendor a demanding email – just after telling Bob how to write like a person who’s easy to work with. 

Self-paced Web Course Business Email Writing

Learners can take the class at their own pace

They can enjoy the first part of the story and learn a little, then practice in the real world.

Go back and check a previous section if they want.

Repeat until they’ve finished the 45-minute class.

It works!

How to Get Fast Email Response

It gets results

Right after finishing this story-class, your learners can start getting things done quickly with their email … and feel proud of it.

Then they’ll have more time for other work tasks.

They might even feel less stressed, which you know would be a big plus these days.

Want to see for yourself?


Wow! Since taking your class, the responses to my email are much more prompt and helpful. I even got a response from my boss’s boss, who is notorious for ignoring email!

— Kathy B, Executive Assistant

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