Write for Success – Fast Response to Your Email


Write for Success…
By getting fast response to your email

Business Email Writing Course

Most of your employees probably do get an okay response speed from their email to clients and coworkers.

But what if that response could be faster, with consistently faster results? And what if your employees could spend less time writing – or rewriting – to get that fast response and the results they want?

If so, Get Fast Response to Your Email* is your go-to writing course.

In this engaging, highly interactive class, your employees will work with easy writing tips to help any business writer get what they want and need from their email. Quickly and cooperatively.

Your employees will learn how to:

Use the 3 Time-Saver Questions

to get started writing in the right direction in just a few seconds

Write it right the first time and save time

by using the flexible format provided by the Time-Saver Questions

Get their email opened ahead of the pack

by writing short, content-specific subject lines that include urgency, questions, and deadlines

Get intended results and buy-in

by placing their requests and directives – or conclusions and decisions – in immediately visible places

Use proven tips and tools

to make it all easy and fun!


Thanks for the great class today. Already it’s paid off for me. Despite numerous emails over the last two weeks, I’ve failed to get a response from one of our key vendors, which has held up one of our projects. After your class I put the guidelines to the test, and hey presto, I got a response within the hour! A testament to the course, I feel.

— Paul B, Gaming Designer

Each learner gets:

  • A printable job aid – to use during class and for reinforcement after class
  • PDF copies of “before & after” emails used during training – for more reinforcement
  • My feedback on a post-class email or other document – for that final learning experience

*Also available as a self-paced online cartoon-style class. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

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