Write for Success – Write Plain Stop Pain


Write for Success…
By writing plain and stopping the pain

business writing instruction

We’ve all felt the pain.

The frustration. The irritation. The time spent clarifying.

Go for the “short style.”
To stop the pain, your employees simply need to write their email in a plain, “short style.”

Easy to understand quickly . . . Easy to use . . . Easy to remember

In school we got good grades for writing “long style” — long paragraphs, long complex sentences, long words, and long, formal-sounding phrases. (Remember “due to the fact that,” “on a daily basis,” “in the event that”?)

But in today’s fast-paced business world, most readers hurry through anything that’s long. And they often miss important points.

So an email might get a response to only one call to action when it really asked for two or more. Or it might get the wrong response. Or no response at all.

Busy online readers can pay more attention to a “short style” that helps them:

Digest short chunks of content


Focus on what’s important

in each short sentence

Get precise meaning from everyday words

instead of industry jargon


I got a brand new perspective on business writing, how it should be different from academic writing or personal writing.
— David T
Tax Manager

Your employees will also learn how to:

Adjust their writing grade level

so readers can remember more details

Write with personal pronouns

to engage readers instead of lecturing to them

Use active voice

to explain anything precisely and concisely

Categorize with bullets and lists

to help readers take in several points all at once


I’m really excited about the readability tool I learned how to use! This will help me at work and at home.
— Ashley M
Project Manager

Each learner gets:

  • A printable job aid – to use during class and for reinforcement after class
  • PDF copies of “before & after” emails used during training – for more reinforcement
  • My feedback on a post-class email or other document – for that final learning experience

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