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Sample copy for catalog mailers and short web description

For a healthcare company that produces and sells natural supplements 

Your circulation secret –
For feeling healthier and more energetic every day*

Nitrates, nitrates, nitrates – CircuMax Gold is packed with ‘em. Your body loves to convert them to nitric oxide. The beauty of this conversion? It can keep your circulation flowing and healthy, helping you feel healthier and more energetic every day.
How does nitric oxide help you function at your healthiest levels? It’s a vasodilator. This means it relaxes the inner muscles of your blood vessels so they can stay open, relaxed, and stretchy. Then your blood flow increases and carries oxygen, nutrients, water, and hormones to every organ and cell in your body.
But as we age, normal nitric oxide levels decline. You may know the feeling – simply not as healthy and energetic as in years past. This could be because of low nitric oxide levels. When this happens, blood vessels can become hard, stiff, and narrow. Your blood just can’t flow through them as easily.
There’s good news, though! You may be able to increase your nitric oxide levels…the natural way.
The Natural Nitrate Power of CircuMax Gold
4 nitrate-rich plant ingredients that increase and support your nitric oxide levels
CircuMaxGoldFermaBio™ Fermented Beet Root Powder
The powerful beet root powder in CircuMax Gold contains twice the natural nitrates of regular beet root powder. Shhh, its secret lies in its fermented beets. As the super-nitrate-rich beet root powder converts to nitric oxide in your body, you may feel reduced stress during workouts or intense emotional situations. Your heart will love you.
NitroRocket® Arugula Extract
This special arugula extract is called “the highest nitrate vegetable on the planet.” Formulated for sports supplements, it helps increase blood flow and oxygenate muscles. Get ready for more energy and endurance!
CareFlow® Mango Fruit Powder
CareFlow Mango Fruit Powder has been found to increase blood flow in your tiniest blood vessels. So you may notice positive effects on blood flow and swelling. The 100% pure mango fruit powder also gives CircuMax Gold its delicious taste. With no added sugars!
DE111® Bacillus subtilis, for your gut
A well-balanced gut helps nitric oxide move digestion through the gastrointestinal tract. It also makes it easier for nitric oxide to provide immune support in the gut. In over 30 clinical studies, DE111 has shown its star-powered ability to balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut.
So try this tasty, nitrate-rich natural drink! It may help create and sustain nitric oxide levels in your blood for long periods of time, boosting your energy levels and health. And don’t worry – it’s non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Stephanie Eubanks Business Writing


If you’re a healthcare company, let me help you retain loyal members and customers. My persuasive email, flyers, brochures, and product descriptions do just that – in your own brand voice.
If you’re a learning and development company, let me toot your training horn with my original blog posts, newsletters, and case studies. As a long-time writing trainer, I know your business.


Stephanie’s product descriptions of our natural supplements are informational and easy to read. She has helped with formatting the descriptions to be consistent throughout our catalogs. She’s always been a pleasure to work with and we will continue to use her expertise.

— Carol Hagberg, Operations Manager

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Sample blog post

For learning and development companies

Keep your virtual learners awake and happy
– so they can log off with new skills


sleeping womanMy recent online nap

A few weeks ago, I accidentally took a little nap during a virtual class. Fell fast asleep. If not for muting, other participants might have heard a soft zzzzzzzzz.
Don’t get me wrong. I was interested in the content. I wanted to learn about it. But the instructor’s delivery was monotonous. And there was almost no interaction.
So I was bored, grumpy, and sleepy. When the class ended, I hadn’t learned much more than I already knew.
All in all, my accidental nap reminded me of three helpful tips for keeping virtual learners awake, happy, and learning. I’ve been lucky to learn them during my past 20 years leading virtual classes of 15 to 20 people. I hope one or two will come in handy for you.
Greet people as their names pop up during login
You can help everyone begin to enjoy being active by greeting them as they log in. It’s friendly, and it helps your learners expect a positive learning experience.
Open your class with everyone unmuted and greet them right away. Just say simple things like “Welcome, Name! Thanks for logging in early.” Or “How’s your day going?”
Or, if you already know an attendee – “Name, great to see you here. Thanks for coming!” If you know someone’s location, go ahead and ask about the weather. These days, everyone has something to say about the weather.
Of course, you can’t greet every learner when several names pop up at once. But they’ll all hear friendly human voices as they join the class.
Then they’ll feel ready and welcome to participate on screen or in Chat.


Help everyone get active right away—with a personal question about the training topic
What’s the virtual version of the in-person icebreaker? An interesting warm-up question to answer in Chat.
Here’s a personal approach that gets an active bang for your buck.
Ask everyone what they don’t like about the way people do whatever you’re training them to do.
For example, in one of my email writing classes, I ask everyone to list what they don’t like about other people’s email.
People like answering this type of question. They live with the answers every day at work and can type them into Chat right away. They’re also sure to give answers that the whole class can relate to.
Now that your learners have identified with each other, they can feel safe about interacting during the rest of the class. They can feel, “Hey, I can probably say what I really think.”
You’ve begun to create a community of active, receptive learners.
Online business writing workshop
Give everyone 2 things to do at the same time – so they stay awake and keep learning
It’s easy to keep your learners busy and on-topic with two things at once. For example, you can customize a game for them to play privately while they’re also interacting with your slides.
Bingo’s a good example. Ahead of class, send everyone a Bingo board customized with “answers” they can find as they interact with your on-screen exercises. This gets everyone active on two layers of learning at the same time.
It’s kind of like that chewing gum in the green wrapper. Remember? Double your flavor/Double your fun?
And, like the gum, the training’s sticky.
No matter what game you use, send prizes. You can put a congrats GIF in Chat for each Bingo! Right after class, you can email an inexpensive gift certificate to a popular coffee shop. Or even send a small promo item in snail mail.
Your happy winners will remember what they learned!

Way back when, my first online training mentor told me to make sure my learners did something active every two or three slides. He said it was the best way to keep from putting everyone to sleep. He was right.
What’s in it for your learners to stay so active?
  • They’ll stay awake and feel like the time passed quickly
  • They’ll participate instead checking email or napping
  • They’ll log off happy
They’ll also remember a few things they can use right away.
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